When I was a child my family's Christmas tree started a fire in our home, the result was devastating to me and my family. Years later I discovered that the fire occurred because my dad had neglected to water the tree and our tree had become too dry. A mistake made by millions whether it was because we "just forgot", or think, “It’s just another week, it will be ok”. One simple mistake not only took Christmas from my family, but our house, possessions and all our memories. I made myself a promise. I spent many years working on a solution to not only keep my family safe, but to also allow them to have the MAGICAL experience of a traditional Christmas tree. A tree that would remain Healthy, Smell Fresh and Look Vibrant throughout the Holiday Season.  
In the U.S. alone there are more than 200 house fires, 2000 injuries and millions of dollars in property damage during the month of December. The shocking truth, as statistics indicate, many fires are caused by homeowners allowing their Christmas trees to dry out. Well not ANYMORE.  
 Our Amazing new product, 10 years in the making, is going to easily change these statistics. I’m not claiming that my product will prevent all accidental fires, that would be unrealistic, but I can keep your Christmas tree hydrated and healthy.   
Our product works best when its fresh, so we have made a limited supply for this holiday season. To learn more about our product or reserve a bottle for this holiday season click on the link below!  

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